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All work is mixed media and one of a kind.

These "Art Doll" Sculptures were the inspiration and gave birth to my contemporary jewelry and accessories, that now take Center Stage.

American Folk Art Museum New York
"Spanish Rain" freestanding 26"
"Spanish Rain" detail
"Straw Hat" freestanding 26"
"Mermaid" suspended 36"
"Mermaid" detail
"Mermaid" freestanding 33"
"Dancer" freestanding 21"
"Reverie" detail
"Spring Rain" freestanding 19"
"Josephine" freestanding 32"
"Prima" freestanding 33"
"Violeta" suspended 34"
"Gypsy" suspended tassle 35"
"Periwinkle" freestanding 31"
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